Reading: Certeau and a guilty pleasure transformed

Like millions of Americans, I am hooked on Downton Abbey. It is a guilty pleasure, a time wasting diversion from work, one among many vehicles for procrastinating that I have found difficult to explain -- until now. I have found a rationalization that has transformed this costume-based soap opera into “must see TV” for anyone who seeks to understand human behavior.
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Reading: Koslowski on Selective Migration

An old friend, Rey Koslowski, is stopping by today for a late lunch and generally hanging around while he is in the Boston area. Rey and I were on the faculty of Rutgers-Newark a few years back, and I have always been fascinated by his work in transnational crime and border issues -- all the more so given the emergence of homeland security and immigration policy as key areas for policy and public administration studies. I found one of his recent publications on “selective migration” policies to be particularly interesting given its relevance to my upcoming course on business-government relations. Read More…