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Link to OUP siteGitelson, Dudley, Dubnick

American Government: Myths and Realities

2014 Election (11th) Edition
Oxford University Press
Published: January 2015

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Chapter 15: Domestic Policy and Policymaking
Chapter 16: Foreign and Defense Policy

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Link to 3rd edition siteDubnick & Bearfield (eds.)

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (EPAP), 3rd edition

Taylor and Francis (CRC Press), Pint and online forthcoming 2015
Online via Subscription (2nd edition online here)

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Dubnick & Frederickson (eds.)

Accountable Governance: Problems and Promises

M.E. Sharpe/Routledge, 2011

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Most requested:

Accountability in the public sector: lessons from the Challenger tragedy," with B. Romzek. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REVIEW 47 (3, 1987):227-238.

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