About the Site

In lieu of....

Today I launch my second effort at blogging and puts an end to the long dormant “accountabilitybloke” blog that still resides on my server. Dating from at least November 2004 when I was located at Queen’s University, Belfast as a Fulbright fellow, it provided me the opportunity to comment and vent on a variety of topics three or more times a week during my time in Northern Ireland, but slowly became “intermittent” when I returned to the US and became preoccupied with my administrative work at the University of New Hampshire. By the time my schedule returned to something resembling normal, Twitter, Facebook and other social media became the venue of choice to make comments — and so the original site became a maintenance chore rather than point for comment. Inactivity meant I lost the few followers I had developed during the active period, although the weekly “statcounter” reports indicate a dozen or so folks who seem to check in every week.

So why get back to blogging? In part, this blog will serve as a platform for my thoughts on a range of issues and events that trigger my sense of indignation — and there are many — that cannot be expressed effectively in 140 characters or even a Facebook or Google+ posts or comments.