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Teaching: Plan B

Over the past two weeks I have been putting my “flipped course” plan into action. The week before classes (which started on the 20th) was focused on filling in the details on the “syllabus” and sending annoying emails to students via the Blackboard site asking them to view three videos I posted that went over some of the logistics of the course. I was convinced these annoying emails would result in some drops when the class began, but instead I have gone from initial enrollment of 56 to 64 -- which is the capacity for the way I structured things. First week of classes turned out to be mostly lecturing-as-usual, but the focus was on the course and getting groups organized. Heading into second week, however, I’ve come up against the major snow storm hitting New England tonight and tomorrow. Classes have already been cancelled, but interestingly the flipped course moves forward under what I am dubbing Plan B.